Business Network Installation

A business network is a key element to any business.  Today, every business wants a stable and blazing fast connection to the internet, whether you’re emailing, researching on the web (or social media), or video conferencing with remote clients or employees.  What many people are not aware of is that your internet speeds can be greatly affected by your internal network.  Firewalls, routers, switches, wireless access points, and every piece of technology that connects to your network can affect the speed of your internet, and also (and sometimes of greater importance) the speed and reliability of your internal network and your connection to servers, databases, printers, and other network resources.

Make it SAFE: Firewalls and Routers

Your internal network starts by creating a segregated slice of the online world.  Just how protected your network is from the big bad world of the internet is a matter of the equipment and configuration you have that sits between your network and the world wide web.  Requirements vary greatly depending on what your business does, how many concurrent users you have on your network, and even where you are geographically.  With all of the risks inherent in today’s online world, like viruses, malware, phishing, and targeted hacking, it is important for businesses to take their network security seriously by ensuring their network equipment and configuration is adequate to protect their network.

Make it FAST: Wired & Wireless Networks

The equipment you use to create your network will impact the performance you receive.  It is not always necessary to get the biggest and baddest network switch on the market, nor is it always ok to grab the cheapest wireless access point off the shelf at Best Buy.

For instance, a photographer who backs up images to a networked hard drive after a photoshoot could find herself waiting hours if not days for it to complete if she is using the wrong hardware on her network, where adequate hardware might reduce the transfer time to minutes.  Conversely, the same equipment that was “wrong” for the photographer could very well be the “right” equipment for a business whose online activity consists of emails and light browsing.

Make it so…

Business networks are vital to the processes of a modern business, and can greatly impact the efficiency and productivity of your employees, not to mention the satisfaction of your customers.  Be confident in the choices you make for your business network, and have help your business determine the right equipment for you.  Call today to arrange a network assessment: (647)388-7760.

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