Home Network and WiFi

You need internet at home, so here’s how the story goes…

You see an ad on TV for blazing fast internet with a rock-solid connection, so you call them up, pay a big installation fee, and they send a technician who plugs in a little box and gives you a foot-long code to enter as your wireless password.  Eager to try your new internet connection, you test it out on a few of your favourite sites, nodding your head at how impressive the speeds are.

And then your kids get home.

Suddenly, out come countless laptops, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Playstations, Xbox, Smart TVs, baby monitors, internet radio players, printers, and on and on… all of which wirelessly connect to your new home wireless network.

Now those test sites you tried earlier don’t seem quite as zippy.  Not to mention the time of day slowdowns, and randomly the inability to connect to the wireless network at all.  And then there’s that dead spot in the basement where your favourite chair is…

Home networks are largely oversimplified by your ISP. The reality for most of us is the wireless-network-in-a-box solution that some ISPs lock you into is less than adequate for our highly-connected households.  Content is accessed on multiple devices simultaneously by multiple persons (sometimes even simultaneously by the same person!) in our homes.  The unfortunate reality is, the only hardware ISPs will provide to you is largely underpowered and unable to handle the amount of network traffic that is thrown its way.

While ITgenius.ca can’t help the number of devices each member of your household has and wants to connect, we can help you assess what you need for your home network and internet connection, and make sure all your devices function as smoothly as possible on a network that reaches the far corners of your house (and even yard!).  Call ITgenius.ca today for help with your home network and WiFi: (647) 388-7760.

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