Starting a Business or Moving Offices

Are you starting a business?  Is your business moving offices?  In either case it is time to consider and plan your technology.

Starting a Business

Starting up a new business is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience all at the same time!  You’ve come up with a great business idea, done work on your business plan, branding, registered your business, scouted some storefront locations or decided to set up shop right at home.  Now it’s time to consider what technology you need to manage and succeed at your new business.

A cell phone.  Tablet.  Computer.  Printer.  Software.  Bookkeeping.  Website.  Email.  The list goes on and on.  Technology can be overwhelming, and that’s where can help you.

I’m just starting out… What technology do I need to run my business?

If you haven’t already purchased any of your new business technology it is important to carefully consider what kind of technology you will need, and the specific technology that is right for you and your new business.  At we aim to obtain a deep understanding of your business processes, and we have the expertise to tailer a custom solution to your specific needs and business requirements.  Deploying a technology solution is never one-size-fits-all, which is why a solid plan derived from a complete understanding of your business is so important.

I had to get my business going, so I already have technology…

If you’ve already hit the ground running with your existing personal technology, or bought some shiny new technology you needed to get started, can help you by reviewing your business processes and existing technology, and reveal ways to get your technology working for you to make you more efficient and productive, saving you time and making you money!


Moving Offices

A fresh start in a new office!  Maybe your business is expanding and you’re moving to that bigger space to accommodate new employees and product.  Maybe you’ve found a great opportunity in a different city.  Or maybe you’ve decided to bring your business into the comforts and convenience of a home office.  Whatever the case might be, your business is moving and so is your technology!

There are so many wires!!

In many ways, moving offices is more complicated than starting up your business was.  You have any combination of phone systems, servers, desktops, laptops, network equipment, printers, backup drives, and any number of computer peripherals.

Where do all the wires go?  What do they all do?  Everything works right now, but will it work the same way in your new office, or at all?

The answer is: Yes. knows what every single cable and piece of technology is for, how you use it, and best of all how to safely move it to a new location and have everything work just right (and maybe even better!).  Moving your technology does not need to be a scary ordeal, and while we won’t lift your file cabinets and desk chairs for you, you can move with confidence by placing your technology in our hands.

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